Versamelnes Guest Accommodation Terms & Conditions

We recommend that each guest reads these terms and conditions carefully prior to making a reservation with Versamelnes, as they form the contract between the guest and the establishment.



Management reserves the right to amend tariffs, terms and conditions as well as rules of the establishment from time to time as it deems fit without prior notification.


Management reserves the right to refuse any person entry to the resort and to refuse rental of any accommodation without any reason being given for such refusal.


Rates are per night sharing on a per person or per unit basis, as indicated.
No persons other than those quoted for, are permitted to share the accommodation.
All accommodation provided in terms of any booking made with Versamelnes, will be subject to the terms specified on this website.
Certain special promotions and rates carry their own terms and conditions which apply accordingly.
Reservations are not transferable.


Any outstanding money, must be paid immediately upon arrival.


Versamelnes reserves the right to cancel any reservation without prior notice should the deposit not be paid by the due date.

Reservations cancelled by guests:

less than 7 days before date of stay - guest forfeits 100% of the total booking amount.
less than 14 days before - forfeit 75% of the total booking amount.
less than 25 days before - forfeit 50% of the total booking amount.
less than 30 days before - forfeit 25% of the total booking amount.
more than 30 days before - forfeit 10% of the total booking amount.

Money will not be transferred to alternative future reservation dates; you will forfeit the percentages as set out above, even if you make a booking for a future date.

In the case of no-show or premature departure, no money will be refunded and guests are still liable for the full payment of the dates requested. 


Units are available for check-in between 14:00 (2 pm) and 23:00 (11 pm)
No early check-in is permitted.


A guaranteed reservation will hold your accommodation through the first night of your scheduled arrival.
The unit will be re-assigned for occupation after 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made with management.


Units must be vacated by 10:00 (10 am) on the day of departure.


Management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of any resident without notice for failing to comply with the conditions stated on this form or for creating any form of nuisance or annoyance that interferes with the quiet and general comfort of other guests.


Versamelnes will evict a guest and keep the unit payment, despite the eviction, for the following reasons:
* Disorderly conduct.
* Non-payment.
* Using the premises for an unlawful purpose or act.
* Bringing property onto the premises that may be dangerous to others.
* Using false pretenses to obtain accommodations.
* Violating our rules and/or terms and conditions.
* Violating our non-smoking and/or no loud music policy.
* Failing to vacate a unit at the agreed checkout time.


Guest/s attend our establishment at their own risk.
The Proprietor and/or its employee/s ("the Proprietor) shall not be liable for, and the guest/s hereby waive/s and abandon/s any cliams of whatever nature including but not limited to that of theft, injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, against the Proprietor, whether arising from the Proprietor's default, negligence or otherwise.
The guest/s, in addition to the aforesaid, hereby indemnify the Proprietor against any claims which may arise form whatever nature, whether arising from the Proprietor's default, negligence or otherwise.


Please respect our non-smoking policy so as not to experience an inconvenience upon your arrival or during your stay. There will be a cleaning and deodorizing fee charged in the event of smoking in a room or chalet.



Fires are to be made on the designated fireplaces and nowhere else. 

Noise, Radios & Television

Guests shall not cause a disturbing noise, or allow it to be caused by any person, animal, machine, device, vehicle, recreational vehicle, apparatus or any combination thereof.
Guests shall not discharge explosives, firearms or similar devices that emit any sound impulse or allow it to be used or discharged. Guests shall not discharge fireworks within the property. Please consider your neighbours.


Do not leave any valuables unattended in your vehicle. Parking is at own risk.


When you make a booking at Versamelnes Guest Accommodation, you agree that you have read these terms and conditions and that you are willing to comply with them.